Choose Joy

Seeking Jesus in this crazy journey


What do I want?

I want to experience Jesus.  I want to know him, talk to him, listen to him, be more like him.

I want that for my people.  For my family, my kids, my friends, my church.  The more we experience Jesus, the better we will love and live.  We will desire to step into the real-life, messy, complicated, broken pieces of our world.  And that could change everything.

That has changed everything for us.

As we’ve desired to seek Jesus, we have walked some hard roads.  We have said yes to some really hard things that have broken our hearts.  We’ve made big decisions that have been formative in our life and our journey with Jesus.  But we’ve also made little choices to just show up.  To just take some baby steps.  To not run away when we’re terrified.

And through that, we are experiencing Jesus.


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