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Dying with Dignity is Living with Dignity

It’s everywhere right now. 29-year-old with terminal cancer chooses to “die on her own terms”. I watched the video and read the articles. And I read Kara Tippetts’ response. It all hits close to home. I’m 29, with terminal cancer, and the idea of suffering isn’t one I’m stoked about.

I believe that life is sacred. I have a perfectly placed hope in life after death. And I believe that the greatest beauty can be birthed from the greatest suffering.

But more than just saying I wouldn’t do it, I disagree with her rationale. I don’t think that it is selfless. I don’t think it is brave. And most of all, I don’t think choosing to take your own life brings you dignity.

I want my life to be lived in such a way that in my last moments, God will still be glorified. It won’t matter if I am ugly crying, or can’t remember where I am, or pee the bed… Those things will not strip me of my dignity. I’m sad that my husband and family and friends will most likely have to watch me suffer. It’s terrible. But I hope the pain of that experience draws them closer to Jesus.

Instead of choosing when I die, I want to choose to die well. Whenever that is; however slowly or painfully or tragically that happens. Until my last breath, I want to be seeking to find joy and hope and peace in Jesus. I want to die with dignity because I lived with dignity.

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