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Seeking Jesus in this crazy journey

Three months

Three months ago, two beautiful littles joined our family.  They instantly stole our hearts.  Sometimes attachment is hard, but this time it wasn’t.  We loved them – consciously, like you do when you’re fostering – but also unconsciously, with all the feels.  They fit in well; they were thriving and growing; we quickly developed good rapport with the workers and their family; we started sib visits, which were so fun and so good for all the kids.

We don’t know what their future holds right now or how it’ll be linked to ours.  That’s what we’re trying to wade into in the coming weeks, and we want to do it all right.  We want to be fair to their first family and act in the best interest of these littles’ long-term.  We want to be honest with ourselves and what we’re able to do and should commit to.  Honestly we want to hold on to them tightly and yet know part of foster care is keeping your hands open.

What we know is that God’s got really good plans for their lives and their forever family.  He already knows it all, and it is SO GOOD.  Isn’t there so much rest and joy in that?

I think I wanted to write this so as our life seems increasingly messy and out of control, I can look back and remember this season has been so intentional.

It’s been intentional in building our faith.  Coming to a point of saying yes, and even coming to a point of saying no – that takes listening to God and trusting him in really hard moments.

It’s been so meaningful to invest into the ministry of foster care that we value so deeply in a very intentional way, maybe one last time.  We had a chance to put action to the words that we are willing to make some sacrifices to care about the kids who are without a mom or dad.  We got to live out that we are pro-life, pro-birth family, pro-reunification, and pro-adoption.  We got to experience community (family, friends, and church) in a very significant way, as it would’ve been a hundred percent impossible for us to take on this fostering commitment alone, yet together, these precious kids got to stay together; they got family; and they got soooo loved.  (Thank you for being a part of that.)  And our boys got the privilege of temporary new siblings, the challenge to more selflessness, and a chance to see God’s Word lived out.

Lastly, we are really trusting God’s intentionality on the fact that these kids were in our home for a short while so they could soon be in their perfect forever home.  (I hope we get to see that and give God all the glory for it.)

All that to say, no regrets.


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