Choose Joy

Seeking Jesus in this crazy journey

About This Blog

A place for me to process my thoughts, my heart, my inspirations through writing.  And the ability for you to share in my journey, join me in prayer, and celebrate wins along the way.

I care deeply about orphans and vulnerable kids.  I have a heart for Africa and for a continent and people that are both desperate and content.  My heart breaks for broken families, for people who are doing life without knowing the hope of Jesus, and for life being experienced so differently from how God intended it to be.

I don’t claim to have answers, but my story has been shaped by many of these things.  Two huge forces in my life right now are the fact that we are foster parents and that I have stage 4 cancer.  Because of these 2 things, I have cried more than I thought possible and have experienced more joy than I ever knew; I have grieved losses that I didn’t even know I was holding onto only to see God birth new things, more beautiful things in our life; and I have asked many questions of God with the answer always coming back to God’s goodness and his sovereignty.

So this is me processing.


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