Choose Joy

Seeking Jesus in this crazy journey

About Me



Hey, I’m Alissa.

There are a few things that I care about the most.

This guy.  In 2010, I finally said yes.  He’s the guy who will get up in the night to turn on the fan.  He’ll accept a challenge to a creativity contest. I know I’ll never have to drive on a road trip, so I can focus on making a killer playlist – complete with Outkast for him and Spice Girls for me.  Most importantly, I know he’ll be beside me through all the ups and downs of our journey.   Actually, even more importantly, he’ll clean up our kids’ puke while I’m gagging in a corner.

Jesus.  Being a follower of Jesus is life-giving.  It gives hope and purpose.  Seeking to be more like him is my #1.

My kiddos.  I love my kids.  With the exception of endless laundry and dirty diapers, I love being a stay-at-home-mom.  I have a privilege that I get to be mom to a lot of different kids.  So far 7.  One lived with us for a week.  Then we had a brother and sister for 15 months.  Each kid that comes to our house is our kid.  And we will love them for the season they are in our house – and we will continue to care about them for years after.

My people.  I’ve got the best parents and little brothers and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.  I’ve got the best church family.  I’ve got the very best friends.  They pray for me, and bring me meals (because cooking did not make the list of things I love), and babysit my kids when I am at appointments.  We play board games together (because we are cool like that) and skype (because some of them think Belize is better than Canada) and talk on the phone (because we’re still stuck in jr. high).  We do life together.  They inspire me, encourage me, and make me better.  Jealous?  Like I said, I’ve seriously got the best people ever surrounding me.


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